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May 11, 2023 |

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Maternal and Perinatal Quality of Care

This is the first of a series of profiles on CPSM registrant's contributions to improving the quality of patient care in Manitoba

March 29, 2023 |

Risk of Pacemaker Failure

View reminders about the risks of pacemaker failures following a recent case

March 29, 2023 |

Collaborative Care

Good patient care relies on collaboration and communication: take a look at these reminders

January 23, 2023 |

Addressing the STBBI Outbreak

Shared Health provides guidance on reportable sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), which continue to have high rates in Manitoba

December 20, 2022 |

MANQAP seeks consultants

The Manitoba Quality Assurance Program seeks specialists for non-hospital medical or surgical facilities inspections

December 01, 2022 |

Pulmonary Embolism and Oral Contraceptives

A recent case highlights the need for vigilance regarding the risk of DVT and pulmonary embolism with oral contraceptive use

November 30, 2022 |

Quality Improvement Program Year-End Update

A QI Program update

April 19, 2022 |

Repetitive Admissions for Decreased Fetal Movements in Post-Date Pregnancies

The Maternal and Perinatal Health Standards Committee has reviewed several cases of fetal demise in the context of post-date pregnancies

February 25, 2022 |

Auditor Training Workshop

CPSM seeking new auditors

December 07, 2021 |

Dr. Marina Reinecke receives the 2021 CPD Educator of the Year Award

The award is granted to educators who demonstrate excellence, innovation, and a commitment to lifelong learning