Physician Health Program

Download a printable Physician Health Program information sheet

Post it in your office or lunch area to spread awareness of the program among your peers. 


A registrant’s health and well-being impact the quality of care they provide to their patients. The Physician Health Program (PHP) supports physicians, residents, medical students, physician assistants and clinical assistants who need to prioritize their personal health, while continuing to provide safe and effective care to patients. Our goal is to keep registrants working or enable them to return to practice as soon as it is safe to do so.

The program is safe, confidential, and non-punitive.

S­­­AFE: We strive to provide a place where registrants feel safe acknowledging they require support.

CONFIDENTIAL: Any involvement and information shared with the program is kept private.

NON-PUNITIVE: The PHP is non-punitive. The focus is on enabling participants to maintain practice and to support rehabilitation.



Medicine is a demanding profession and chronic stress can leave registrants at risk for acute and chronic health conditions (both physical and mental). You are encouraged to seek help and engage in care to support your health and wellness on a regular basis.

The PHP is committed to reducing stigma and making it safe to seek help and report to CPSM when required. Early reporting can be preventative and avoid added complexities that arise in the middle of a crisis.

Every referral is handled with compassion, discretion, and a focus on the humanity of the individual.

Our involvement is customized to support you in your unique situation.

PHP helps you prioritize your health to get the support you need to continue practicing safely.

There are several ways to self-report your health concern: 

  • Phone: 204-560-4205
  • Email:
  • Confidential fax: 204-775-7945
  • On your Annual Renewal
  • When you report a change in your practice or registration status



If you are not well, others who care about you or those you interact closely with may notice. Referrals can be made to the PHP by anyone and are commonly received from:

  • Colleagues (CPSM registrants are required to report)
  • Other health professionals or care team
  • Patients
  • Family members 

Aside from receiving referrals from CPSM registrants and their colleagues, patients, and family, referrals can come to the Physician Health Program in a variety of other ways:

  • Based on information received from CPSM’s Qualifications or Complaints & Investigations departments, and sent to The Registrar’s office
  • Based on information received from the CPSM Quality Improvement program
  • Employers or health authorities
  • The University of Manitoba



Regardless of whether they are self-reported or referred, depending on the nature of the health concern, a few different outcomes are possible:

  1. No formal follow-up required (file closed).
  2. Planned follow-up linked to an expected change in condition.
  3. Additional conversation with Assistant Registrar, the program director and coordinator.
  4. A formal relationship with the Physician Health Program.



The Physician Health Program can assist you in a variety of ways. While the program does not provide direct care, we can connect registrants with the appropriate care. Here are a few other ways we can help:

  • Providing guidance for setting boundaries within the practice environment to support optimal well-being.
  • Providing formal direction to employers/health authorities regarding recommended work hours, call frequency, volume of shifts, etc.
  • Formal agreements to support abstinence and recovery.
  • Collegial support and encouragement.



The Privilege of Self-Regulation 

As the regulatory body of the medical profession, CPSM is guided by our responsibility to protect the public.

To preserve the privilege of self-governing the profession, it is essential that registrants report issues that are causing impairment in practice whether is is about yourself or another colleague.

If you suspect one of your colleagues is unwell, talk to them about your concerns and let them know that you care.

Recommend that they connect with their regular healthcare provider or other resources and supports available


You are required to notify the Physician Health Program if you have concerns regarding the safety of a colleague and their patients. 

As physicians, the Standard of Practice for Duty to Report Self, Colleagues, or Patients states that you must report any health issue that could cause impairment. The PHP aspires to create a safe culture of reporting by practicing the following:

  • Disclosures are handled with maximum discretion and confidentiality; the identity of the reporting registrant is not shared. 
  • All disclosures are intended to support and assist the registrant in getting the help they need.
  • You do not need to have hard facts or conduct an investigation of your own before reporting your concern.
  • Disclosures do not result in punitive action for you or the registrant that you report. 



For more information or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Coordinator of the Physician Health Program at or 204-