We protect the public and promote the safe and ethical delivery of quality medical care by registrants in Manitoba.
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Protecting the Public


Who is The College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSM)?

CPSM is the medical regulatory body that oversees the practice of medicine in Manitoba. We are guided by our responsibility to protect the public. We follow the framework in The Regulated Health Professions Act.

Who are CPSM registrants?

All physicians, residents, clinical assistants, physician assistants, and medical and physician assistant students in Manitoba, must be registered with CPSM and hold a Certificate of Practice (license). 

How does CPSM protect the public?

We carry out our goal to protect the public through three core functions:


1. REGISTRATION ensures everyone registered to practice medicine in Manitoba is competent to practice and meets all the established registration requirements.

2. QUALITY monitors the professional competency of practice and promotes safe care through ongoing education and quality improvement initiatives. 

3. COMPLAINTS AND INVESTIGATIONS addresses concerns regarding the care provided by, or the professional conduct of registrants.



CPSM offers the following resources for the public:

Practitioner Profile Search

Search by name, location, or field of practice to see a physician’s education, training, primary practice location, restrictions or conditions on their practice, and previous disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Actions


This database contains publications of formal disciplinary action taken by CPSM concerning a registrant, including Censures and Inquiry Panel decisions, which are posted once the decision is final.

Complaints Submission Tool 

Concerns about the care or conduct of a physician, resident, clinical assistant, physician assistant, medical and physician assistant student, are addressed through CPSM’s complaints and investigations processes.



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Patient Safety Resources 

Safety conversations are an important step in building a proactive patient safety culture. With health systems under strain, it’s more important now than ever.

CPSM encourages honest discussions between you and your physician. Just one conversation can change how we think about patient safety and quality of care.

Whether you are a patient or a medical care provider, download the resources below from Healthcare Excellence Canada to help you get started, or to fine-tune the safety conversations you’re already having.

 Resource for patients and caregivers 

Resource for medical care providers

For more patient safety resources, visit healthcareexcellence.ca