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September 18, 2023 |
Lessons Learned from Complaints

Importance of Endometrial Sampling to Detect Endometrial Cancer in Post-Menopausal Patients

A reminder on the importance of endometrial sampling as part of a complete workup to rule out endometrial cancer as a cause of post-menopausal bleeding

Dismissing a Patient

It is important for patients and physicians to understand what constitutes reasonable grounds for terminating the physician-patient relationship, and expectations following a patient dismissal; review the following on de-escalation and practice management

Gender-Affirming Medical Care

Gender-affirming care aids patients in pursuing gender affirmation; see what simple steps physicians can take to help patients feel supported

December 02, 2022 |
Lessons Learned from Complaints

Could it be Charcot Foot?

Information on diagnosing Charcot foot