CPSM Consultations

CPSM conducts formal consultations prior to making changes to the following:

  • Bylaws
  • Standards of Practice
  • Code of Ethics and Professionalism
  • Regulations
  • And Practice Directions (as determined by Council)

CPSM seeks the input of members, the public, and other interested parties including Government, Doctors Manitoba, CMPA, Manitoba’s other regulated health professions, the University of Manitoba faculty of medicine, and other stakeholders as applicable to the amendments under consideration.

All bylaw amendments must be voted upon and passed by the CPSM members at the Annual General Meeting in June.

Hearing and receiving input from diverse professional opinions within the CPSM membership, the public, other regulated health professions, and other stakeholders will create a standard that is stronger, comprehensive, and a much better document to ensure best prescribing practices for patient safety and balance different societal concerns.



Standard of Practice for Sexual Boundaries with Patients, Former Patients & Interdependent Persons

The consultation closes December 16, 2020 - Click HERE for details.





Standard of Practice for Prescribing Benzodiazipines and Z-Drugs.

   The consultation closed May 29, 2020 - Click HERE to view the more than 130 responses.