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Leave of Absence

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Download a printable checklist for taking a leave of absence 

Download a Leave of Absence Reporting Form




This page contains information about what CPSM registrants must consider when taking a leave of absence from the professional practice of medicine or a significant part of professional practice.


The information provided is intended to offer practical guidance to ensure safe practice and good continuity of care for patients. CPSM recognizes certain requirements must be balanced in situations when leave is unexpected or unanticipated, for example, a medical leave.


If you intend to take a leave of absence, you are advised to review the following:



Reporting a Leave of Absence to CPSM


Notice of an intention to commence a leave of absence must be communicated to CPSM as soon as possible.


  1. Review what needs to be included in that notice here or download a printable checklist to help you meet your obligations. 
  2. Complete the Leave of Absence Reporting Form
  3. In situations where CPSM's Physician Health Program (PHP) is involved, contact the program coordinator to assist in completing the form.
  4. If the leave of absence is for health reasons, review information about self-reporting on the Physician Health Program page. The PHP is notified when a registrant takes a medical leave of absence. Participation in that program is voluntary but recommended.   

You are encouraged to seek information or advice about taking a leave of absence from the Canada Medical Protective Association (CMPA) or Doctors Manitoba if you are a member of either organization.

View CMPA's provides tips for closing or leaving practice

View Doctors Manitoba resources


You must notify CPSM in advance when returning from a leave of absence. Notice should be given as early as possible.

For more details about taking a leave of absence, click on each section below or on the menu on the sidebar on the left (or at the top if you are on a smartphone). 

Defining a leave of absence

Requirements when taking a leave of absence

Practicing medicine while on a leave of absence

Registration and qualifications implications