Clinical and Physician Assistant Contracts of Supervision

Before beginning practice, Clinical Assistants (CIA) and Physician Assistants (PA) must enter a Contract of Supervision (CoS) with a Primary Supervisor, in addition to completing the usual requirements for registration.


Steps to Secure a Contract of Supervision for Clinical Assistants and Physician Assistants 


Initial Request

The intended Primary Supervisor or employer (e.g., a regional health authority), or their agent, must complete the contract of supervision and practice description request form and submit to CPSM for review.

Approval process

  1. Practice Description: CPSM reviews the CoS and practice description request form. This process may require further contact with the Primary Supervisor or employer, if necessary, to clarify or modify aspects of the practice description.
  2. Contract of Supervision: Once the request form has been approved by the Registrar, CPSM will complete the CoS using the information obtained (i.e., add signature lines and the practice location(s)) and prepare to collect signatures. This process includes ensuring proposed supervisors meet CPSM criteria.
  3. Obtaining signatures: CPSM returns the CoS to the employer or Primary Supervisor in its final form, including the approved practice description. Signature lines will be included for all supervisors who are approved, and the CoS must be signed by all supervisors and sent back to CPSM, complete with the request form.

  4. Final approval: Once CPSM receives the fully signed CoS, the Registrar or designate reviews and signs to confirm approval. Once signed by the Registrar or designate, the CoS will come into effect. Note: The Clinical Assistant or Physician Assistant may not commence practice under the contract of supervision and practice description prior to CPSM’s approval. Breaching this may result in a delay of approval of the contract of supervision. 

  5. Notice of final approval: CPSM will email the CoS (with the request form) in PDF format to all named supervisors, and the PA/ClA, with information regarding addendums, performance evaluations and reporting. This email will include whether the ClA/PA (Regulated Associate Member) has been registered by CPSM.
  6. Internal monitoring: CPSM documents reporting deadlines for the Regulated Associate Member. The Quality department monitors the professional competency of practice. The primary supervisor will be contacted directly with the monitoring template. The monitoring schedule is outlined in the contract of supervision.  


Additional Information 

View Contract of Supervision additional information: CPSM Reporting Obligations, Legal Requirements, Signatories, Breach & Termination of Contraction Supervision  Contract of Supervision Request Form – Institutional or Departmental Setting
View Contract of Supervision Frequently Asked Questions 

Contract of Supervision Request Form – Non-Institutional Setting (private clinics) 


If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us by phone at 204-774-4344 or by email


The practice of medicine by Clinical Assistants and Physician Assistants is governed by:
For reference, see Legislation, Acts & Regulations.