Truth and Reconciliation

In June 2021, CPSM Council made addressing Indigenous-specific racism in medical practice a Strategic Organizational Priority. Since then, CPSM has formed a Truth and Reconciliation Advisory Circle, which meets regularly. We are grateful for the Indigenous physicians, scholars, Elders, and Knowledge Keepers who share their stories, experiences, knowledge, and guidance. 

Our commitment and 7 actions 

We will not see change until all practitioners recognize how medical care is impacted by Indigenous-specific racism. CSPM has started on our path to Reconciliation acting on seven recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Advisory Circle, which Council has endorsed.

These initiatives will take time and we will continue to engage the Truth and Reconciliation Advisory Circle. We may encounter discomfort and make mistakes along the way, but CPSM has made this a priority and we move forward with humility.

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