CPSM is a statutory body established by an act of the Manitoba Legislature. The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) empowers CPSM to establish criteria for licensure and to regulate the practice of medicine in Manitoba.

The RHPA provides the framework within which CPSM operates including the registration and licensing of all physicians, residents, physician assistants, clinical assistants, physician assistant students and medical students (registrants) in Manitoba. 

The following regulations establish what are acceptable qualifications for registration on the Manitoba Medical Register, Educational Register, Clinical Assistant Register, Physician Assistant Register, and Specialist Register. 

  1. The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA)
  2. RHPA and CPSM Regulations
  3. CPSM Bylaws 
  4. The Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics and Professionalism 
  5. CPSM Standards of Practice of Medicine and CPSM Practice Directions

Applications for medical registration are reviewed in the order that they are received and the Registration Department is committed to reviewing all applications in a timely manner.

The Registration Department ensures that only qualified, competent, and ethical applicants are granted registration and issued a certificate of practice in Manitoba.