Eliminating exam requirement removes major barrier for International Medical Graduates seeking to practice in Manitoba

March 10, 2023 |
Registration Media Release

Update: As of September 1, 2023, International Medical Graduates who meet all other registration requirements will no longer be required to also hold a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) to practise in Manitoba. See this update for more details


The Manitoba government has approved regulatory changes that allow internationally educated physicians to enter the healthcare workforce sooner. Until now, International Medical Graduates (IMGs) were required to pass a general qualifying examination – the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part 1 (MCCQE1) – before applying for provisional registration [1]. The exam requirement has been removed, eliminating a barrier for IMGs to begin practicing in the province.  

IMGs who apply for provisional registration in Manitoba already have medical degrees and have completed residency programs with certifying exams, while the MCCQE1 only assesses the medical knowledge and clinical decision-making ability of candidates at a level expected of a medical student.

If a physician meets all other requirements for provisional registration, they must complete a Practice Ready Assessment and are assigned a mentor for one year and a practice supervisor for the duration of their provisional registration. Practice supervision includes monitoring/chart reviews, a 360- review, and a chart audit within the first two years in practice. Practice supervision remains in place until the physician meets the requirements for full registration, which must occur within five years. 

“This change allows us to recruit more physicians to Manitoba while maintaining high competency levels. The exam was holding back many qualified, internationally trained physicians from coming to the province,” said Dr. Anna Ziomek, registrar, CPSM. “From a regulatory standpoint, we must take all steps possible to eliminate barriers to assessment without compromising quality and patient safety.”

Practice Ready Assessments adequately assess an applicant’s abilities and competence but eliminating the exam required an amendment of the CPSM General Regulation, which the Manitoba government approved.

CPSM consulted with registrants and stakeholders in the fall and the majority supported the amendment.  

Read the Manitoba Government news release here


Process to apply for Provisional Registration 

If you are applying for Provisional Registration – Specialty Practice Limited, Regulated Associate Member – Assessment Candidate – Specialty Practice (PRA MB-SP) follow the steps below. 

If you are applying for Provisional Registration – Family Practice LimitedRegulated Associate Member – Assessment Candidate – Family Practice (PRA MB-FP) follow the steps below. 

1. Ensure all documents are submitted to and source verified by Physiciansapply.ca - medical diploma, internship document, specialty postgraduate training document (see below) and specialty certificate.

    • The postgraduate training document must include that the specialty training program was successfully completed and inclusive dates.

2. Meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.

3. Ensure there is an employment/sponsorship opportunity in your specialty at MB HealthCare Providers Network which indicates  there may be eligibility for sponsorship and employment through the PRA MB-SP at the University of Manitoba IMG Program.

NOTE: Please do not submit an application until you have completed/confirmed #1 - #3. If CPSM receives your application and cannot confirm steps #1 - #3, your application CANNOT be reviewed and will expire 6 months from the date it is received.

4. Apply at Physiciansapply.ca

1. Ensure all documents are submitted to and source verified by Physiciansapply.ca - medical diploma, internship document, family medicine postgraduate training document (if applicable).
2. Meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.
3. Applications must first be made to the University of Manitoba PRA MB-FP Program  - See further information on their website regarding intake dates and the application process. Please do not apply directly to CPSM. 
    • Should you be shortlisted by the University of Manitoba IMG Program, your name will be referred to CPSM to make an application at that time.

Please note that employment opportunities for physicians with the requirement for a Practice Ready Assessment – Specialty Practice (PRA-SP) may be limited and the process can be lengthy. As applications with CPSM are only valid for 6 months from the date they are received, it is suggested that an application not be made unless you are offered an employment/sponsorship opportunity.

NOTE: If provisional registration is issued, the LMCC and Royal College Certification is required within 5 years in order to meet the requirements for Full (Practising) Class Registration

View the requirements for Clinical Assistant here.


[1] Provisional Registration includes Regulated Associated Member Class, Assessment Candidate, Specialty practice-limited or Family Practice limited.