Updated Manitoba Prenatal Record

April 24, 2024 |

The Manitoba Prenatal Record has been updated following provincial consultation across multiple disciplines, including obstetrics, midwifery, and nursing and has been reviewed by the Women’s Health PCT. The new form has been developed to ensure consistent practice across the province and to reflect best practices in prenatal care. The updated form is now available for use.

It includes provider prompts and reminders to the health care professional to improve standardization of evidence-based practice in prenatal care in a clear and comprehensive manner. This includes an enhanced focus on the information gathered to promote diversity, inclusivity, and equity in prenatal care.

To support implementation and encourage use of the updated Manitoba Prenatal Record, please complete the following steps:

  • Click here to review the updated Manitoba Prenatal Record.
  • Distribute the new form, this memo and the information sheet to providers, facilities, and programs.
  • Share with any other relevant contacts within your organization as appropriate.
  • Replace any existing paper copies and ensure that any links to this document have been updated.
  • Delete any prior MRI-specific versions of the form from your EMR when replacing them.
  • Discard printed and saved electronic copies of older MRI request forms unless they include other modalities.

The UPDATED Record and supporting materials are available at Shared Health: Clinical Projects, Standards,  and Guidelines under the Pregnancy and Childbirth section Prenatal Care heading. 

View the Manitoba Prenatal Record Information Sheet

If you have any questions regarding the updated record, please contact  Angela Matwick, Provincial Clinical Service Lead, Women’s Health and Child Health.

CPSM wishes to acknowledge the role Dr. Michael Helewa and the Maternal and Perinatal Health Standards Committee (MPHSC) had in updating the Manitoba Prenatal Record.

A working group led by Dr. Helewa and comprised of MPHSC committee members and specialists updated the Manitoba Prenatal Record. The new form was designed with diversity and equity in mind, with space to document psychosocial issues, vaccinations, perinatal workup, organized lab results, patient teaching items for each trimester, and validated questionnaires to assess depression and substance use.

We invite you to read more about Dr. Helewa and the now-defunct Maternal and Perinatal Health Standards Committee.