Statement on the criminal conviction of Dr. Arcel Bissonnette

November 28, 2023 |

CPSM is aware of the Court of King’s Bench decision made on November 28, 2023, finding Dr. Arcel Bissonnette guilty of five counts of sexual assault under the guise of medical treatment.  


On behalf of the profession, we acknowledge the courage demonstrated by the women who came forward during the trial to ensure that Dr. Bissonnette was held accountable. Dr. Bissonnette’s conduct was an egregious breach of the trust placed in him as a physician. The harm he has caused to these women is reprehensible.   


Dr. Bissonnette has not practiced medicine since November 2020 due to the steps taken by CPSM when he was initially charged as well as his current bail release conditions.


We are aware the Court has not yet decided Dr. Bissonette’s sentencing, and that another trial involving further victims is scheduled for February 2024. Notwithstanding these outstanding matters, CPSM is taking immediate steps toward the permanent cancellation of Dr. Bissonnette’s registration based on the convictions now entered by the Court.   


CPSM has been closely following Dr. Bissonnette’s criminal proceedings since charges of sexual assault were laid in November 2020, with further charges being laid in October 2021. We acknowledge the importance of these proceedings and their impact on CPSM’s public protection mandate in relation to physicians’ conduct.