Notice to M3P Prescribers: Upcoming Prescription Pad Changes

July 22, 2022 |
Prescribing Practices

The Manitoba Prescribing Practices Program and the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM) would like to share the following notice with CPSM registrants: 

Please be advised that, due to issues experienced by the vendor to source supplies, it has become necessary to use an alternate style of prescription pad for M3P prescriptions. 

Changes to M3P Prescription Pads are provided below: 

Manitoba Prescribing Practices Program (M3P) prescription pads provide several features and methods to assist pharmacists in authenticating the validity of an M3P prescription. 

The new style pad does not have a bound edge with a perforated bottom that keeps the duplicate copies of one prescription serial number together. Prescribers have been advised to use extra caution when setting up the prescription pad prior to writing a prescription

All other security features remain the same: 

Ø  Traceable serial numbers

Ø  Screened print (faded grey scale) of the CPhM logo centred in the background of the form

Ø  Thermal chromatic ink on the reverse side of the pharmacy copy

A notice will be added as an insert to all M3P orders when the new style prescription pads come into use. Pharmacy professionals have been notified about the changes.  

Prescriber Regulators are encouraged to issue additional internal communications to members, as required.  

If you require any further information, please contact the M3P program at

Faxing M3P Prescriptions

CPSM would like to remind registrants that in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic it is permissible to fax prescriptions for all drugs on the M3P schedule directly to the pharmacy, without sending the original M3P form.

These prescriptions can be faxed using one of three acceptable formats. The M3P form can be affixed to a template, or the prescriber can generate an EMR or handwritten prescription for faxing, provided all M3P requirements are met.  

Prescribers must still complete all fields as per the M3P form requirements, including:

·       Patient demographics (name, address, PHIN, DOB)

·       Name, strength, and dosage form of the drug

·     Total quantity of the drug to be dispensed (in numbers and words) and the intervals (# of days) at which it is to be dispensed

·       Therapeutic indication

·       Directions for use

·       Date prescribed

·       Written and signed by an authorized practitioner

Please see the CPSM resources listed below for further guidance on faxing M3Ps.

CPSM Resources for M3Ps

In the interest of preventing forgeries, the following two resources are available by request. Please contact the Prescribing Practices Program at (204) 774-4344 to request these resources:  

  • Ensuring Safe Access to M3P Prescriptions for Patients During COVID-19 (reviews the formats and requirements for faxing M3Ps).
  • COVID-19 Guidance Regarding M3P Prescriptions for Palliative Care


Talia Carter, Michael Wiebe, & Marina Reinecke, CPSM Prescribing Practices Program