New Assistant Registrar of Complaints & Investigations Announced

July 03, 2024 |

CPSM announces Dr. Philippe Guillaume Poliquin will join CPSM as Assistant Registrar for the Complaints & Investigations Department starting on Tuesday, August 6, 2024.

Dr. Poliquin is a graduate of McMaster University, the University of Western Ontario, the University of Manitoba, and has been practicing medicine in Manitoba since 2013.  His current part-time clinical practice is divided between pediatric infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital and rural general pediatrics in Northern Manitoba and central Nunavut. Dr. Poliquin has also been actively involved with the National Microbiology Laboratory in various roles since 2014.  Over the last few years, Dr. Poliquin has spent an increasing amount of his time in senior roles at the National Microbiology Laboratory. His most recent position with NML was as Vice President where he led the organization in their COVID response.


Dr. Poliquin comes to CPSM with experience in multiple professional roles that have crossed the realms of government, academia, and clinical practice. He has a keen interest in self-regulation and how the work at CPSM is foundational to the practice of medicine in Manitoba.