Mental Health Act Forms

October 31, 2023

A Message from Dr. Jim Simm, Chief Psychiatrist of Manitoba 


The Mental Health Act Forms of Manitoba have recently been made available online. These forms are for informational purposes only and are not legally valid.  


The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist has received an increasing number of these downloaded forms printed and completed. As they are not legally valid, they need to be returned, and the proper prescribed forms resubmitted. 


This leads to delays in patient care and increased paperwork for physicians, which can lead to confusion among the patients, their families, and staff. 


If you require copies of the legally prescribed forms, please contact the  

Chief Psychiatrist's Office at 204–788–6676. 


The one exception to this would be in an emergency situation when a Form 4, Application By Physician for Involuntary Psychiatric Assessment, needs to be completed urgently and there is no legal prescribed form readily available.