June Council Update

July 05, 2024 |
CPSM Council

A Council meeting was held on Wednesday, June 26. Below are important highlights from the meeting. Council meetings are held four times a year and are open to registrants and the public.

Operating Budget

The 2024/25 annual operating budget was presented and approved by Council.

Certificate of Practice Fees

All annual Certificate of Practice fees will increase by 2% (based on the Manitoba Consumer Price Index) on November 1, 2024. In accordance with the Fee Bylaw, the CPI inflation amount (2%) is automatically increased.

Fees effective November 1, 2024 are: 




Full Registrants

$2,265 (monthly fee $375)

$2,220 (monthly fee $350)




Clinical Assistant and Physician Assistant

$441    (monthly $75)

$432    (monthly $70)

Medical Corporation Fees



View the Fee Bylaw here.


Accredited Facilities Bylaw Amendment

A public consultation for the Accredited Facilities Bylaw will be held this summer.

The Bylaw applies to 1) diagnostic facilities in Manitoba that are not operated by the provincial or municipal government and those designated as hospitals, and 2) non-hospital medical or surgical facilities in which procedures with a sufficient risk of potential harm to a patient are performed.

Registrants will be notified of the consultation. Feedback from registrants, the public, and stakeholders will be accepted during the 30-day consultation period. 

Practice Direction – Qualifications and Registration amendment  

Council approved adding five Pediatric specialties (gastroenterology, respirology, emergency medicine, infectious disease and intensive care) to the Practice Direction as Specialist Fields of Practice for Assessment. This permits physicians in that practice area to be referred to the Division of Continuing Professional Development for a Practice-Ready Assessment.

Governance Policy Amendments

Council approved amendments to the Governance Policy. Changes include: 

  1. The eligibility for Chairs of certain committees
  2. Amendment related to Bill 36 requiring certificate cancellation hearings (section 48(3) RPHA) to be open to the public.
  3. Removing references to the previously discontinued Quality Improvement Subcommittee; and
  4. Permitting the Registrar to be ex-officio, non-voting member of the Central Standards Committee.

Standard of Practice – Bloodborne Pathogens

The Standard of Practice—Bloodborne Pathogens was reviewed as part of the scheduled multiyear review cycle for all Standards of Practice. Upon review, no substantive changes were required to the Standard. However, some of the paragraphs were reorganized and rewritten to add clarity.

View the Standard here 

Collaborative Care Working Group

A working group was established to review the Standard of Practice—Collaborative Care as part of CPSM’s multi-year review cycle. At Council's request, the review was expedited by one year due to its importance in fostering collaborative care and addressing current concerns. A CPSM survey of registrants in 2022 identified significant dissatisfaction with the current Standard.

Collaborative Care is defined as a situation in which a registrant and one or more healthcare providers are involved in a patient's healthcare. The current Standard of Practice focuses primarily on the relationship between one registrant seeking a consultation from a specialist.

The working group has agreed on the key concepts the Standard will cover. The new Standard will rely heavily on the Code of Ethics and Professionalism and require registrants act with civility and in the best interest of patients while working together to provide patient care. It will also provide clarity about what is expected when registrants engage in routine and urgent/emergent consultations with one another. Once completed, it will follow the usual public consultation process to ensure registrants, stakeholders, and the public can provide input.

Next Council meeting

The next council meeting will be on Wednesday, September 25. Any registrant or member of the public may attend. If you wish to attend, please inform the Registrar by email at TheRegistrar@cpsm.mb.ca