Introducing Indigenous Service Providers of Child and Family Services

January 25, 2024 |

The following is a communication from Manitoba Health, Seniors, and Long-Term Care. 

The Child and Family Services (CFS) Act has changed to align with federal law and recognize Indigenous jurisdiction. This includes recognizing the role of Indigenous Governing Bodies (IGBs) and Indigenous service providers (ISPs) of CFS care, for children in their communities. Health legislation, including the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), has also been amended to recognize alternate decision-makers.

What does this mean for CPSM registrants?

These changes will affect healthcare providers in two ways:

  1. “Alternate Decision Makers” (ADM): adult caregivers responsible for making health decisions for the child may not be identified as their “guardian” and may use the term ADM. This applies to both ISPs and provincial CFS agencies.
  2. Proof of Authority: ISPs may present different forms of proof of authority than provincial CFS agencies when requesting access to a child’s health information and when consenting to a child’s medical treatment.

If CPSM members are unsure whether the person requesting the information is authorized to receive it, they should always contact the child’s associated ISP or CFS agency to confirm authority.

For more information about these changes, contact:

For questions about the health policy implications of the legislation changes, please contact:

Fiona Jeffries, Executive Director, Policy and Standards with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care. Email: 

For questions about the implementation of Indigenous jurisdiction over child welfare, please contact the Indigenous Jurisdiction Transition Office in the Manitoba Department of Families.