CPSM Issues Apology to the Inuit for Racism Experienced in Medical Care in Manitoba

WINNIPEG, MB – February 28, 2023 – The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) issued an apology to the Inuit for the racism experienced in their medical care in Manitoba.

This statement and apology were delivered in person on February 27, 2023. Dr. Lisa Monkman, Chair of the CPSM Truth and Reconciliation Advisory Circle, gave opening remarks; Dr. Anna Ziomek, CPSM Registrar/CEO, Dr. Jacobi Elliott, CPSM Council President, delivered the apology to Manitoba Inuit Association staff and board members.

“This apology to Inuit from the CPSM is a step in the right direction,” said Manitoba Inuit Association President and Board Chair Marti Ford in a statement from the association.

CPSM followed the apology with a commitment to act against Indigenous-specific racism by supporting and guiding CPSM registrants to recognize and call out acts of racism against Indigenous persons and medical practitioners. The apology is the first of seven recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Advisory Circle CPSM is acting on.

View the Statement and Apology here

CPSM has committed to seven actions. We hope this builds trust and provides transparency as we continue on our path to establish truth and reconciliation between us as a regulator of the medical profession and Indigenous Peoples in Manitoba.

We will not see change until all practitioners recognize how medical care is impacted by Indigenous-specific racism. CSPM will act on the seven recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Advisory Circle, which Council has endorsed,” said Dr. Anna Ziomek, CPSM Registrar/CEO.

Earlier this year, CPSM apologized to the Anishinaabeg, Anishininewuk, Dakota Oyate, Denesuline, and Nehethowuk, for racism experienced in their medical care in Manitoba. That apology was delivered at the Special Chiefs Assembly on Health Legislation hosted by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.

CPSM has initiated engagement and consultation with the Manitoba Mètis Federation to issue an apology to Mètis citizens in the future.   

In June 2021, CPSM Council made addressing Indigenous-specific racism in medical practice a Strategic Organizational Priority and formed a Truth and Reconciliation Advisory Circle.



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The Manitoba Inuit Association serves Inuit throughout Manitoba, this includes individuals travelling to Manitoba to seek medical care. There are over 15,000 medical visits from Inuit travelling from Nunavut, and over 1,500 Inuit that call Manitoba home.

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CPSM is the medical regulatory body that oversees the practice of medicine in Manitoba. CPSM’s role is to protect the public and promote the safe and ethical delivery of quality medical care by physicians in Manitoba.