CPSM Announces Leadership Transition Complete

July 02, 2024 |

WINNIPEG, MB – July 2, 2024 – The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM), the medical regulatory body that oversees the practice of medicine in the province, announced the leadership transition of Registrar and CEO is complete. Dr. Ainslie Mihalchuk stepped into the role of Registrar and CEO on July 1, 2024.

Dr. Mihalchuk has been a valuable member of CPSM’s senior executive team for five years. On January 1, Council appointed her as Deputy Registrar. She joined CPSM as Assistant Registrar of the Quality department in 2020, where she transformed the Quality Department with her vision and leadership. 

“Dr. Mihalchuk has been instrumental in enhancing the way CPSM monitors the professional competency of registrants in the province,” said Dr. Nader, Shenouda, Council president. “With her extensive experience and proven leadership, we look forward to seeing the impact she will have organization-wide and on medical regulation in the province.”   

Her vision for a path forward

Improving public perception and trust in regulation is high on her list of priorities. She is well-attuned to the public's shifting expectations. One of her goals is to modernize regulation to create better outcomes for patients receiving medical care and the people in the profession delivering it.

“Public trust is paramount,” said Dr. Mihalchuk. The path forward involves effectively balancing the public’s needs with realistic expectations of the medical profession. This balance can be achieved through open dialogue and understanding, ensuring that our work is in the best interest of the people it serves.” 

As a family physician, she is closely connected to the challenges in the profession and believes every member has a role to play in maintaining self-regulation.

“My vision is for all members of the medical profession in the province to be fully committed to self-regulatory behaviours and actions, including prioritizing patients’ best interests, continuously seeking self-improvement in the quality of care they provide, and holding each other accountable,”  Dr. Mihalchuk described her vision for her tenure as Registrar and CEO.   

Looking ahead

With the leadership transition complete, Dr. Mihalchuk’s immediate focus is ensuring business continuity is maintained across the organization. She is steadfast in her vision and started implementing her plans in just a few weeks. Whether it is applicants seeking their licence to practice in the province, registrants engaging with Quality programs, or patients raising concerns about the care or conduct of registrants, all services will continue seamlessly.  

Before joining CPSM, Dr. Mihalchuk spent ten years in healthcare administration at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, including Interim Chief Medical Officer during the height of the Health System Transformation. She obtained undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology at the University of Winnipeg, both with the highest distinction, and a BSc Med and medical degree from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine.   

Dr. Mihalchuk is a family physician in Northeast Winnipeg who provides care in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. She has maintained a clinical practice during her leadership roles and plans to continue doing so to remain in touch with issues that arise in the profession. 

About The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM)

CPSM is the medical regulatory authority in Manitoba, serving the public interest by regulating the practice of medicine. All physicians, residents, clinical assistants, physician assistants, and medical and physician assistant students in Manitoba (registrants) must be registered with CPSM and hold a Certificate of Practice (license). Its mandate to protect the public is carried out through three core functions:

  • Registration ensures everyone registered to practice medicine in Manitoba is competent to practice and meets the established registration requirements.
  • Quality monitors the professional competency of practice and promotes safe care through ongoing education and quality improvement initiatives. 
  • Complaints & Investigations addresses concerns regarding the care provided by, or the professional conduct of registrants.


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