Regulated Associate Member - Clinical Assistant – Full


The following information outlines the requirements for registering as an associate member in the clinical assistant class and for those seeking a Certificate of Practice to practise as a clinical assistant in the province of Manitoba. This information does not cover all circumstances and scenarios. Confirmation of acceptance of registration can only be provided upon the submission of an application, supporting documents, and documentation fee.

In any disagreement between this information and the wording of The Regulated Health Professions Act of Manitoba and Regulations thereunder, or any other legislation governing these matters, the terms of the legislation will prevail.

NOTE: Registration cannot be granted without an offer of employment. Please contact MB HealthCare Providers Network for job opportunities in Manitoba.

Applicants do not require an offer of employment to submit an application for registration to the CPSM, however, applicants should be aware that applications are only valid for 6 months.

REQUIREMENTS FOR REGISTRATION: Regulated Associate Member – Clinical Assistant

(a) Credentials – Academic and Postgraduate Clinical Training

(b) Application and Disclosure Requirements required under the RHPA and CPSM General Regulation.

(c) Satisfactory completion of an assessment process acceptable to CPSM. 

(d) English Language Proficiency

For information on the clinical assistant assessment conducted under the auspices of the Division of Continuing Professional Development, University of Manitoba, please refer to information on the University of Manitoba.


Applicants for the clinical assistant full class must complete an Application for Registration (refer to the Forms and Documents). You will be required to submit a documentation fee at the time you submit your application. Please note that application fees are non-refundable.


A clinical assistant may practise only under a contract of supervision with a regulated member and a practice description approved by the registrar. Click here for more information on this process.


NOTE: You may be required to provide the same documents to multiple agencies. Please be advised that CPSM will not accept or provide photocopies of any documentation to any third parties. We recommend applicants obtain additional copies of any documents that are required by multiple agencies.

Pending receipt of the report(s) you must sign and return the CRC and Child & Adult Abuse Registry Check undertaking.

If you hold a degree in medicine and are registered with, you do not need to submit copies of the documents that are in your profile, but you must select document sharing with CPSM.

If you do not have a profile, you will be required to submit original notarized copies of supporting documents.

You will be contacted by CPSM following submission of your Application for Registration with respect to the exact documentation that will be required.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the documentation is complete.


All regulated associate members in the regulated associate member clinical assistant full class must:

(a) carry a policy of professional liability insurance acceptable to CPSM of at least $10,000,000.00, or

(b) provide satisfactory written evidence from his or her employer that

(i) the member is engaging in his or her professional practice under an approved contract of supervision, and

(ii) any professional liability claim made against the member will be covered by the insurance or coverage of the supervisor or employer.


Before registration is issued and prior to commencing practice, you will be required to submit the Certificate of Practice fee and registration fee.

To engage in practice as a clinical assistant, a member must hold a valid Certificate of Practice entitling the holder to practise as a clinical assistant.


In addition to the cancellation requirements in the RHPA, s. 48(1) to 52, the Registrar may cancel a member’s registration or Certificate of Practice if a Clinical Assistant’s Contract of Supervision and/or practice description has been cancelled.


CPSM is not responsible for delays in registering persons who have not submitted their application and documents well in advance of arrival in Manitoba.

To avoid delays in processing your application, please ensure all documentation is complete.  CPSM is not responsible for delays due to incomplete documentation. 

Applicants must not practice medicine in Manitoba until a Certificate of Practice has been issued.
If you require clarification on any of the items or if you have any questions regarding the application process, contact CPSM directly either by phone at 204-774-4344 or by email at