Members of the Council

Members of Council

Dr. Nader Shenouda – President

Dr. Charles Penner – President-Elect 

Dr. Jacobi Elliott – Past-President



Representatives of the Medical Profession

East             -   Dr. Kevin Convery

North           -   Dr. Lisa Monkman

West            -   Dr. Charles Penner

Winnipeg   -     Dr. Roger Suss
                   -     Dr. Norman McLean
                   -     Dr. Caroline (Carrie) Corbett
                   -     Dr. Heather Smith


Councillor Elected from the Associate Register

Mr. Christopher Barnes 


Councillor Appointed by the Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Peter Nickerson 


Government Appointed Representatives of the Public

Mr. Allan Fineblit, Q.C.
Ms. Marvelle McPherson, C.M.
Ms. Leanne Penny, CA


CPSM Appointed Representatives of the Public

Ms. Lynette Magnus, CA
Ms. Dorothy Albrecht
Ms. Leslie Agger