We protect the public and promote the safe and ethical delivery of quality medical care by registrants in Manitoba.
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Historical Library

Our History

On May 3, 2021, CPSM celebrated 150 years of promoting safe, ethical, and quality medical care for Manitobans.

CPSM was established as The Provincial Medical Board of Manitoba in 1871; The Manitoba Medical Act was passed on the last day of the first Manitoba Legislature Session on May 3, 1871. Since then, registration with the board (and later, the college) has been compulsory for all medical practitioners in the province. 

The items from CPSM’s historical library provide a glimpse into how CPSM and the medical profession in Manitoba, have evolved since its inception.

Book: The Practical Home Physician and Encyclopedia of Medicine

The Practical Home Physician and Encylopedia of Medicine:
A Guide for the Household Management of Disease Giving The History, Cause, Means Of Prevention and Symptoms of All Diseases of Men, Women, and Children and The Most Approved Methods of Treatment with Plain Instructions for The Care of the Sick.

Written by Henry M. Lyman, Christian Fenger, W. Webster Jones, W.T. Belfield

Medical information as it was in 1886.

Bylaws Rules & Regulations

CPSM Bylaws and Regulations from 1965.

Rules regarding Council roles, duties, committees, meetings, and election bylaws were thorough and amended as necessary. Many of CPSM’s Council rules and regulations from as early as 1930 --or some form of them-- remain in place today.

Numerous amendments were made to the Bylaws throughout the years. The addition of student registrations was a significant milestone as it expanded membership to all medical students in the province.

List of Presidents

CPSM Presidents from 1908-1985.


Not much different than today, CPSM publishes newsletters for members to stay up-to-date on all matters. The very first newsletter was published in 1965. Today, this information is available for both members and the public to view on the CPSM website.

Following every Council meeting, a Council Update was shared with members. This practice remains in place today; as technology has evolved, it has permitted a more timely delivery of the update to members who now receive an email following all meetings.

Advertising in medical practice used to be a contentious issue and CPSM’s Executive Committee provided this guidance to members in the mid-1960s. A current Standard of Practice on Advertising exists today and can be viewed here.

In 1974, a Complaints Committee was officially formed to oversee complaints against CPSM members made by the public.

Non-hospital surgical facilities have been regulated by CPSM for decades. Accreditation of Non-Hospital Medical/Surgical Facilities that do not fall under Regional Health Authorities' jurisdiction is governed by the Program Review Committee, which grants accreditation. Each non-hospital medical surgical facility, its professional and technical personnel, its equipment, space, and safety procedures must a meet the minimum standards established by the Committee.

The newsletter became a medium to communicating guidance for practices in prescribing. The newsletter still serves this purpose today.

Medical practice and the law sometimes go hand-in-hand in regulatory matters. Legal guidance is necessary to avoid malpractice and to ensure the ethical, safe, and quality delivery of medical care.

Council Members are still chosen by districts/regions to this day, ensuring representation from across the province of Manitoba.


To commemorate CPSM’s 150th Anniversary, the Province of Manitoba granted CPSM a proclamation.

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