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September 15, 2022

5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Certificate of Practice Renewals

Important details to know for your Certificate of Practice renewal. The renewal deadline is October 31.

August 25, 2022

Management of Myeloma Manifestations and Complications

Consensus guidelines on the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma from The Canadian Myeloma Research Group Consensus Guideline Consortium

August 25, 2022

Certificates of Incapacity - Form 21 of the Mental Health Act

Important information for physicians regarding Form 21 of the Mental Health Act

July 29, 2022

CPSM Guidance Re: Abortions

CPSM Guidance Re: Abortions

July 22, 2022 |
Prescribing Practices

Notice to M3P Prescribers: Upcoming Prescription Pad Changes

An important message on M3P prescription pad changes

July 22, 2022

Infant Formula Shortage

Memo from the Chief Provincial Health Officer and Deputy Chief Provincial Health Officer re: infant formula shortage

July 12, 2022

What You Need to Know Before Recruiting or Offering Employment to a New Physician at Your Practice

Considerations for offering employment or recruiting new physicians

June 29, 2022

Annual General Meeting Update

Highlights from CPSM's annual general meeting

June 24, 2022

Message from the Dean

As I retire from my role as Dean and Vice-Provost at the University of Manitoba, I will take this opportunity, as I have done in my previous messages over the last 12 years, to share a few things on my mind

June 23, 2022 |
Standard of Practice

Accommodating Patients with Hearing Loss in Virtual Medicine

A message from the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA-MB) to physicians regarding virtual medicine

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