Physician Health Program

COVID-19 Information for Members regarding Physician Health Program

CPSM’s Physician Health Program will continue to operate and telephone in-take interviews will be scheduled on an as-needed basis.  The expectation that all members report a change in their health status should continue even in view of the current situation.

CPSM operates its own Physician Health Program with the following objectives:

·         Early identification and monitoring of a member (including those who are not physicians) who has a health issue which has the potential to adversely impact the member’s ability to practice medicine safely;

·         Adoption of a remedial approach to dealing with a member who has health issues where the member is cooperative in the process, has insight into the member’s own health status and is compliant with treatment and rehabilitation;

·         Collaboration with a member who has health issues and the member’s care givers with the goal of creating an environment in which the member can practice medicine safely.


The nature of the Physician Health Program at CPSM is that it is:

·         Completely voluntary for the physician, student, resident, Clinical Assistant or Physician Assistant;

·         Receives the full support of CMPA and Doctors Manitoba;

·         Alternative to imposing conditions on a physician’s licence through the disciplinary process; and

·         Operated within a culture of compassion and acceptance.


Members referred to Physician Health by the Registrar, through information from Complaints & Investigations or Qualifications or other members (colleagues, employers, university, health authorities), or through self-referrals.


For further information on the Physician Health Program contact the Physician Health Coordinator at