Ethical Standards and Professional Conduct

All physicians must follow standards of practice and ethical behaviour set out by the College. Those standards are found in the Bylaws, including:

  1. The Code of Ethics
  2. The Standards of Practice of Medicine;
  3. Practice Directions; and
  4. the Regulations

Complaints & Investigations

Concerns about a physician’s care or conduct are addressed through the College’s complaints and investigations process according to provincial legislation, namely The Regulated Health Professions Act . The process is administered by College staff in the Complaints & Investigations Department and overseen by one or more of the following Committees of Council:

Overview of the Process

The College has a process to review all complaints and thoroughly address concerns in a manner that is fair to both the patient and physician. This involves:

  • Receiving complaints in a clear and reliable format;
  • Requiring physicians to respond to the complaint;
  • Communicating with both the complainant and the physician as required to make sure all relevant facts about the complaint are known and understood; and
  • Carefully considering all relevant material, including medical records where applicable.

The process can take several months, depending on the complexity of the complaint and how much information must be collected. The average time is four to six months, but it will take longer when there are complex issues or if formal discipline is necessary.

Anyone considering making a complaint should understand what to expect and the possible outcomes of their complaint before proceeding. [see Expectations and Outcomes]

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact the College:

  1. by telephone at 204-774-4344 or toll-free at 1-877-774-4344 and asking that your call be directed to the Complaints & Investigations Department; or
  2. by email at complaints@cpsm.mb.ca.

If you already know you want to submit a complaint, please go to Submitting a Complaint.