Categories of Registration - Membership Classes

Are You An International Medical Graduate?

Although the Application Guides (Family Practice and Specialty Practice) for International Medical Graduates are currently under revision, the requirements for Provisional Registration are noted below.

If you are deemed eligible for Provisional Registration (Family Practice Limited) or (Specialty Practice Limited) AND require the Assessment for Family Practice or Assessment for Specialty Practice, your name will be referred to the University of Manitoba International Medical Graduate Program’s Practice Ready Assessment – Family Practice (PRA MB-FP) or Specialty Practice (PRA MB-SP).

Please note that opportunities for physicians with the requirement for a Practice Ready Assessment - Specialty Practice (PRA-SP) are extremely limited.  Due to the very high demand for these limited assessment positions, the process can be very lengthy.

Employment opportunities can located at Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network.


Complete the Application for Medical Registration (AMR) for the following membership classes:


Complete the CPSM Application for the following membership classes:


Contact the College directly for an application if you are applying for the following membership class:

  • Educational Resident