International Medical Graduates Application Guide for Registration – Specialty Area of Practice

The Application Guide for Registration, Specialty Area of Practice, is designed to assist interested international medical graduates in understanding the requirements for registration and licensure to practise medicine in the province of Manitoba. A definite answer with respect to registrability can only be given upon the completion of a formal application with supporting documents and the required documentation fee.

In any disagreement between the information and the wording of The Medical Act of Manitoba and Regulations thereunder, or any other legislation governing these matters, the terms of the legislation will prevail.

Physicians do not require an offer of employment to submit an application for registration to the College.

PLEASE NOTE: At the present time, there are very few available employment opportunities in Manitoba for physicians who have been trained in a specialty area. To inquire about available opportunities, we encourage applicants to contact:

MB HealthCare Providers Network

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact MB HealthCare Providers Network which offers assistance to candidates with system navigation and connection to employers. To register, please visit their website: