Informal Resolution

All complaints and concerns communicated to the College are treated seriously.  The complaints process is set up to assist members of the public in resolving problems they encounter with their physicians through an informal process that only leads to formal proceedings and/or disciplinary action where necessary.

Every written complaint is reviewed by a medical consultant who will try to determine if the concerns can be addressed informally and satisfactorily prior to review by the Complaints Committee.

To facilitate informal and quick resolution of a concern, you may be contacted by the medical consultant who may:

  • refer you to other organizations if the College is unable to address your concern;
  • encourage direct communication with your physician, particularly where your concern arises from a misunderstanding or a break down in communication;
  • offer to bridge the gap between you and your physician by meeting with you and/or the physician and facilitate communication between the two of you.

Where it is not possible to resolve the concern informally at an early stage, the concern will be referred to the Complaints Committee for review.