Questions and Answers

Will making a complaint cost me anything?
There is no fee for filing a complaint.

Will the College compensate me financially or help me get compensation from the physician if I have a legitimate complaint against the physician?
No. If you wish to pursue financial compensation you should contact a lawyer who could advise you regarding a civil lawsuit.

Can I be sued for complaining about a physician?
A complainant cannot be successfully sued for submitting a complaint respecting a physician to the College provided you send your complaint only to the College and provided the complainant limits the complaint to concerns about one physician.

Can I still sue my physician if I make a complaint against him/her?
Yes. Any action that the College takes against a physician has no bearing on your right to pursue compensation from your physician.

Can the records relating to my complaint be used in court?
The College complaints and investigation records are not exempt from subpoena in civil or criminal court proceedings.

Can I submit a complaint on behalf of someone else?
Due to privacy concerns, the College does not accept complaints filed by others on behalf of competent adults respecting their own care. For complaints about care provided to infants, vulnerable persons, mentally incompetent adults or a person who has since died, the College accepts complaints from the legal representative of the individual. A complainant is free to obtain the assistance of anyone he or she wishes during the complaints process, but due to privacy concerns the College responds only to the complainant.

How long does the complaint process take?
The College makes every effort to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. While the length of the process can vary, most complaints are resolved within four to six months.