Application Guide for International Medical Graduates

    Please note that the following IMG Programs referred to in the Application Guide have been renamed:

    • The International Medical Graduate Assessment for Conditional Licensure (IMGACL) has been renamed, the Practice Ready Assessment – Family Practice (PRA-Family Practice) [PRA-FP]
    • The Non-Registered Specialist Assessment Program (NRSAP) has been renamed the Practice Ready Assessment – Specialty Practice (PRA-Specialty Practice) [PRA-SP]

    The Application Guide will be updated in the very near future to reflect the name changes.

  • Family Practice

  • Specialty Area of Practice

PLEASE NOTE: At the present time, there are very few available employment opportunities in Manitoba for physicians who have been trained in a specialty area. To inquire about available opportunities, we encourage applicants to contact:

MB HealthCare Providers Network

MB HealthCare Providers Network