Child Health Standards Subcommittee Terms of Reference

Government Funding

The Government of Manitoba provides funding for the operation of the Subcommittee on Child Health Standards.  Continued operation of this Subcommittee by the College is subject to the Government providing adequate resources for the proper operation of the Subcommittee.

Evidence Act Protection

The Subcommittee on Child Health Standards operates within the mandate of the Central Standards Committee as set forth in s. 38 of The Medical Act and By-Law No. 6 of the College.

Pursuant to Regulation 461/88, the Subcommittee on Child Health Standards is specifically identified as an approved Committee for the purposes of s. 9 of The Evidence Act.


  1. To maintain and improve the quality of medical practice as related to Child Health through peer review and analysis, through education, rather than discipline.
  2. To function as a public advocate when indicated.


Central Standards Committee is responsible to establish, supervise and make recommendations regarding the Subcommittee on Child Health Standards.  The Subcommittee on Child Health Standards may make recommendations to Central Standards Committee on any matter pertinent to the monitoring and improvement of the quality of care provided to children in Manitoba.

Appeal Rights

Pursuant to Article 9.7(b) of By-Law No. 1, decisions of Standards Committees are for the purpose of education and are not subject to appeal.


The Subcommittee will consist of 8 members including the chair.

A medical consultant appointed by the College will provide support to the Subcommittee and will attend all Subcommittee meetings.

Term of Office

Each member of the Subcommittee shall serve a four year term, and shall be eligible to serve for 2 consecutive terms of four years each.

After a Subcommittee member has served 2 consecutive terms, that member is not eligible to be a Subcommittee member for a period of 2 years.  After the 2 year period, the individual is eligible to serve for a further 2 consecutive terms.

Child Health Standards Committee