Certificate of Professional Conduct

By-Law #1, Article 20 prescribes the form of certificate of professional conduct issued by this College.  For your information, click on the link below to see a sample form of the certificate used by the College and a copy of Article 20 of By-Law #1.  You will see that Article 20(b) provides that the Registrar shall only issue the certificate upon receipt of the written consent of the member and payment of the fee for issuance of the certificate.

Click on the link below to access a copy of the consent form which we require in order to issue the certificate.  Once we receive the duly executed consent and payment of the fee (see the Administrative Fee Schedule of Bylaw 1 or the Authorization for Payment Form) by fax, mail or phone (credit card information will not be accepted via email. If payment is emailed, it will not be processed) we will issue the certificate as requested (Original documents not required).

Please note:  It usually takes 10 working days for a Certificate of Professional Conduct to be mailed to the organization(s).  There is an additional $5.25 faxing fee if you would like the certificate faxed.  The following organizations are exempt from the faxing fee: The College of Family Physicians of Canada, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, Yukon Medical Council, Government of Nunavut, Collège des medécins du Québec, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, MB HealthCare Providers Network, Northern Regional Health Authority, General Medical Council UK and Southern Health.

Payment made by cheque or money order should be mailed to:
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Manitoba
1000 – 1661 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB    R3J 3T7

By-Law 1, Article 20
COPC Sample
COPC Information Form
Consent Form
Authorization for Payment Form