Registration Process for Medical Corporations

Only a physician licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) is eligible to be a director or voting shareholder of a medical corporation.  Interested and eligible physicians should, upon receiving appropriate legal/accounting advice regarding the indications, proceed as follows:

  1. The name of the proposed corporation:
    1. Application must first be made to the Companies Office of Manitoba Consumer & Corporate Affairs.  (For information, contact the Companies Office at 945-2500).  You will receive all the forms which are to be completed.  As well, College requirements for incorporation can be addressed by telephoning the CPSM Office at 774-4344.”Request for Corporate Name Reservation” will provide you with protection of the name proposed for your corporation for 90 days.  For Questions #3, the answer must be “for the practice of medicine”.  If the name is acceptable to the Companies Office, they will approve the Request for Name Reservation.
    2. The approved Request for Name Reservation must then be submitted to the CPSM for approval (photocopy acceptable).
    3. The Registrar shall not approve a name of a medical corporation pursuant to s.21 of The Medical Act, unless the following requirements are met:
      • the proposed name includes the words “medical corporation” in accordance with clause 22(1)(b) of The Medical Act
      • where one physician wishes to incorporate, the proposed name includes the physician’s name;
      • the proposed name must not contain any reference repugnant to scientific principles, human rights or the ethics of the profession;
      • the proposed name must not refer to any individual who is not a member of the College.When considering a request for approval to carry on the practice of medicine under a name other than the name registered with the College, the Registrar shall take into account the following:
      • The proposed facility name must not imply expertise inconsistent with the qualifications of the physicians practising at the facility.
      • The proposed facility name must not mislead persons as to the name of the facility by using terms intended to impress rather than inform.
      • The proposed facility name must not so closely resemble the name of an existing approved facility name so as to be, in the opinion of the Registrar, likely to create confusion.
  2. If CPSM approval is given, you will receive a “Consent to Incorporation” which allows you to proceed with your application process at the Companies Office.
  3. Following registration with the Companies Office, you shall submit the following to the CPSM in an envelope which clearly states:
    1. A copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment, Articles of Continuance, Articles of Amalgamation or like articles.
    2. A current certificate of status (original) issued by the Director Companies Office.
    3. The required fee – The fee consists of a registration fee of $350, which is non-recurring, and an annual licence fee.  The annual fee is $150 (fees subject to change).
    4. A completed application
    5. Note:  Total Fees = $350 + Annual Licence Fee.
      $50 penalty for late fee renewal

  4. “Licence to Practice Medicine as Professional Corporation” will be issued following registration.  This certificate will state the effective date and the expiration date.  The effective date will be the date the documents and monies were received at the CPSM Office.
  5. In the month preceding the expiration date, the Medical Corporation will be sent a “Notice Respecting Renewal for the Next Year”.
    Prior to the expiration date, each corporation shall provide:

    1. A copy of the Corporation’s Annual Return Form from the Companies Office
    2. An updated Statement of Particulars (provided with the Notice)
    3. The prescribed annual renewal fee

If the payment is received at the College office after the expiry date, a late penalty fee of $50 is assessed for the first month and subsequent daily penalties thereafter.


  • For any advice regarding the indications for incorporation, consult with your lawyer/accountant.  Advice of this nature cannot be given by the CPSM.
  • For information regarding the College requirements for incorporation, contact the CPSM Office at 774-4344.