Practice and Corporate Names


A Medical Practitioner must be identifiable by the public at the time a medical service is provided.  Where possible, their identification shall be made known by the practitioner in advance of the service being provided.


The Registrar shall not approve a name of a medical corporation pursuant to s. 21 of The Medical Act, unless the following requirements are met:

(i) the proposed name includes the words “medical corporation” in accordance with clause 22(1)(b) of The Medical Act;
(ii) where one physician wishes to incorporate, the proposed name includes the physician’s name;
(iii) the proposed name must not contain any reference repugnant to scientific principles, human rights or the ethics of the profession;
(iv) the proposed name must not refer to any individual who is not a member of the College.

When considering a request for approval to carry on the practice of medicine under a name other than the name registered with the College, the Registrar shall take into account the following:

(1) The proposed facility name must not imply expertise inconsistent with the qualifications of the physicians practising at the facility.
(2) The proposed facility name must not mislead persons as to the name of the facility by using terms intended to impress rather than inform.
(3) The proposed facility name must not so closely resemble the name of an existing approved facility name so as to be, in the opinion of the Registrar, likely to create confusion.


Failure to comply with this policy will be deemed to be a violation of Article 38 of the Code of Conduct which states:  “…When practising, shall use only the professional name registered with the College and shall display such name prominently in office signage and exclusively in registries, advertising and telephone directories.  An alternative name may be used only with the written approval of the College.”

Registration Process for Medical Corporation