Appeals are referred to in Section 13 of the Manitoba Medical Act:

Refusal to register
13(1) If the registrar is not satisfied by proper evidence that an applicant is eligible for registration on the Manitoba Medical Register, the educational register, the clinical assistant register, the physician assistant register or the specialist register or, that an applicant who claims to possess a degree or qualification, does in fact possess it, the registrar:

  1. shall refuse to register the applicant or to enter the degree or qualification on the register; and
  2. shall notify the applicant in writing of the decision to refuse the registration of the applicant or the degree or qualification, and of the reasons for the decision.

Appeal to council
13(2) A person who is refused registration under subsection (1) may appeal the registrar’s decision to the council, which may confirm or vary the decision of the registrar.

13(3) An appeal under subsection (2) is to be made by filing with the council, within 30 days after the person receives notice of the registrar’s decision under subsection (1), a written notice of appeal setting out the facts and the reasons for the appeal.

Refusal of registration because of conviction
13(4) An individual who has been convicted of an offence that is relevant to his or her suitability to practise medicine may be refused registration.

Council has established the following policy GP-15 regarding Appeals