CPSM’s primary reason for investigating complaints is the safety and protection of the public. We provide a process that helps ensure a high standard of medical care is provided by medical practitioners in Manitoba.  This includes addressing concerns about physicians, physician assistants and clinical assistants.

Through review and investigation of a complaint, CPSM can identify problems with a physician and take appropriate action to help ensure that those problems do not continue and the public is protected.

We strive to address complaints in a manner that is open, fair, efficient and effective.

To be open, our process must be transparent. At the same time, we are committed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of those involved as much as possible.  Some aspects of our process are not made public because the law does not permit us to publish the information.

Fairness must be extended to both the complainant and the physician. To be fair, we must make sure that the complainant gives us enough detail for the doctor to specifically address the issues identified.  The physician’s response to those concerns must be complete.  Both the complaint and the response are carefully considered before any action is taken respecting a physician.

Efficiency is achieved through ensuring that complaints are processed in a timely fashion without sacrificing thoroughness.

To be effective, the process must allow for informal resolution where appropriate and formal discipline where necessary to protect the public interest.