Appeal Committee

Detailed information regarding the composition, authority and formal requirements of the Appeal Committee is contained in its Terms of Reference.

On receiving an appeal from a decision of the Investigation Committee, the President of the College Council must appoint an Appeal Committee consisting of no more than three members of Council, one of whom must be a public representative.  A member of that Committee is appointed to sit as Chair.

  • Method of Review

The Appeal Committee reviews the documents which were before the Investigation Committee and the letter from the complainant setting out the reasons for the appeal.  Neither the complainant nor the physician appear before the Appeal Committee.

  • Possible Outcomes

    The Appeal Committee may do one or more of the following:

    • make any decision that in its opinion ought to have been made by the Investigation Committee;
    • cancel, change or accept the decision of the Investigation Committee;
    • refer the matter back to the Investigation Committee for further consideration.
  • Notification of Decision

The complainant and the physician will be notified of the Appeal Committee’s decision and the reasons for its decision in writing.