Clinical Assistants Register

PLEASE NOTE: A contract of supervision along with an approved job description must be received from your prospective employer before registration can be issued as a Clinical Assistant in Manitoba. Please contact MB HealthCare Providers Network for possible job opportunities in Manitoba:

Applicants do not require an offer of employment to submit an application for registration to the College.

An applicant for the Clinical Assistants Register must:


  • have a degree in medicine from a faculty of medicine acceptable to the Council; or
  • be licensed or registered to provide health care under an Act of the Manitoba Legislature; or
  • be certified as an Emergency Medical Attendant – Level III; or
  • be a graduate of an accredited physician assistant or clinical assistant training program, acceptable to the Council, that is restricted to a specific specialty area; and


  • have satisfactorily completed an assessment, under an assessment process approved by the Council, of his or her experience and competence

The following assessments have been approved by the College:

  1. Registered Clinical Assistant assessment offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Manitoba
  2. National Assessment Collaborative OSCE
  3. Satisfactory completion of the MCCQE2 exam