Election Practices

Council establishes, through its By-Laws, all matters relating to the conduct and regulation of the election of Councillors, includng the manner in which candidates are nominated and the voting procedures to be followed. Article 4 of By-law #1, sets out most of the particulars regarding the election practices of Council.

Any member of the College in good standing is eligible to run for Council in the electoral district in which that member practices.  Nomination by at least two members of the College who are practicing in that electoral district is necessary.

The electoral districts for the election of Councillors from the licensed membership of the College are as follows:

Electoral District # of Councillors
Northman 1
Parklands 1
Interlake 1
Eastman 1
Westman 1
Brandon 1
Central 1
Winnipeg 9

For a detailed description of these districts, please see Schedule A to By-Law No. 1.

The electoral districts were revised in 2002 and a plan introduced whereby the number of Councillors would be reduced. By-Law #1, Schedule A determines the electoral process for the election of Councillors from certain electoral districts up to and including June 2008 when the transition will be complete. Thereafter, the elections will take place as stated in By-law #1. The term of office remains 4 years and the elections are staggered such that there are elections every two years, providing for continuity in the membership of Council.

Members who are considering nominations or candidacy for Council should consult By-law #1 and are encouraged to contact the College directly for further information.