Program Review Committee Terms of Reference

Policy Name: Program Review Committee Terms of Reference Number: GP-5.9
Policy Type: Governance Process Date Approved: June 18, 2004
Date Revised: February 18, 2005/June 16, 2006/March 16, 2007 to become effective June 15, 2007, September 1, 2011

Government Funding

The Government of Manitoba provides funding for the Manitoba Quality Assurance Program  (MANQAP).  Continued participation by the College in MANQAP is subject to the Government providing adequate resources for the proper operation of MANQAP.


(a)     Prepare for Council draft Standards for all laboratory medicine and diagnostic imaging facilities in Manitoba.
(b)     Accreditation of all laboratory medicine and diagnostic imaging facilities, according to the Standards approved by Council.
(c)     Establish the accreditation processes, the policies and procedures governing the accreditation process, the inspection protocols for facilities, and the qualifications of facility directors


  1. The committee has no authority to spend College resources without specific Council approval.
  2. The committee has authority to use staff time related to administrative support for meeting logistics only.
  3. The committee does not have authority to change or contravene any College Bylaw or policy.
  4. The committee has authority to establish:

a)  accreditation processes.

b)  policies, procedures and inspection protocols governing the accreditation process.

c)  the qualifications of facility directors.

Appeal Rights

Decisions of Program Review Committee are subject to the right of appeal to Executive Committee granted in Article 8.7(c) of By-Law No. 1.


The composition of the Program Review Committee is at least the following:
a)   a Chair who is a Councillor.
b)   the President.
c)   the President-Elect.
d)   a radiologist.
e)   a laboratory medicine physician.
f)   a representative of Manitoba Health.
g)   a public representative.
h)   as an ex-officio non-voting member, the Registrar.