Program Review Committee

Program review committee

40(1) The council may appoint a committee to be known as the “program review committee” which may investigate and inspect on behalf of the council all diagnostic and treatment facilities in which services are performed by members in Manitoba other than those which are under the jurisdiction of provincial or municipal governments and those facilities that are approved hospitals under The Manitoba Hospitals Act.

By-laws for operation of certain diagnostic and treatment facilities

40(2) The council may make by-laws as to all matters pertaining to the establishment and operation of such diagnostic and treatment facilities to ensure that the procedures and standards of care set by the council for the protection of the public are carried out in all such diagnostic and treatment facilities.

Consultation with minister

40(2.1) Before making a by-law under subsection (2), the council must

(a) provide the minister with a copy of the proposed by-law for his or her review and comment; and

(b) review and consider any comments received.

Report of committee to council

40(3) Where the program review committee reports to the council that a diagnostic and treatment facility does not appear to meet the required standards, the council shall consider the report and the provisions of Parts IX and X of this Act apply with all necessary modifications.

Council may order closure of facility

40(4) Where the council determines that the diagnostic and treatment facility does not meet the required standards, the council may order that the diagnostic and treatment facility forthwith cease operation until the standards are met.


40(5) No member or medical corporation shall utilize a diagnostic or treatment facility which the council has ordered to cease operation.

Application to other facilities

40(6) The program review committee may enter into agreements with the federal, provincial or municipal governments to apply the provisions of subsections (1), (2), (2.1), (5), (7) and (8) to any facilities or any portion of a facility falling within the jurisdiction of that government and such agreements shall specify the procedures not inconsistent with any Act to be followed when the program review committee believes that the facility does not appear to meet the required standards.

College to provide information to minister

40(7) The college must provide the minister with

(a) a copy of each application for accreditation of a diagnostic facility, or for the expansion of a diagnostic facility, as soon as practicable after the college receives an application;

(b) a copy of each certificate of accreditation for a diagnostic facility, or for a diagnostic facility as expanded, as soon as practicable after the college issues a certificate;

(c) particulars, as soon as practicable after the information becomes available to the college, of any arrangement between

(i) a diagnostic facility accredited by the college, and

(ii) a hospital or other facility that provides emergency medical treatment,

in relation to the care of patients who require emergency attention as a result of a diagnostic procedure; and

(d) a report of the activities of the committee of the college that, in accordance with the by-laws, accredits diagnostic facilities, including but not limited to non-identifying statistical information.

Timing and contents of report

40(8) The report under clause (7)(d) must be provided to the minister within four months after the end of each fiscal year, and must contain the information required under that clause for the year for which it is submitted.

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