Investigation Committee

The Investigation Committee is appointed by Council pursuant to s. 44 of The Medical Act.  At least one third of the persons appointed to the Investigation Committee must be public representatives.

The Investigation Committee receives referrals from either the Complaints Committee under ss. 43(4) of The Medical Act or the Registrar or the Executive Committee.  Referrals from the Complaints Committee are made where a complainant who is not satisfied with the Complaints Committee’s decision in relation to his/her complaint requests that the matter be referred to the Investigation Committee.  Referrals from the Registrar or the Executive Committee occur in circumstances where the Registrar or the Executive Committee considers a referral to the Investigation Committee to be advisable.  Upon receipt of a referral, the Investigation Committee may direct that an investigation of the matter referred be held and may appoint a person to conduct the investigation.

For more information regarding the Investigation Committee refer to its Terms of Reference.