Central Standards Committee and Subcommittees

Pursuant to Section 38(1) of The Medical Act, Council is required to establish a Standards Committee to be responsible for the supervision of practice of medicine by members of the College.  The statutory powers of the Standards Committee include the power to inspect the books, records and other documents of a member or medical corporation that relate to that member or medical corporation’s practice of medicine and the power to review the professional competence of any member either on its own initiative or on direction from Council.  In the course of conducting such a review, the Standards Committee may, with the authorization of the College, retain the services of experts.  Upon the advice of the Standards Committee, Council may recommend that a member of the College serve a period of refresher training.
By-Law No. 6 governs the Central Standards Committee and its Subcommittees.



The Standards Committee is responsible to:

  1. supervise the quality of the practice of medicine by physicians in Manitoba
  2. supervise Area Standards Subcommittees and Hospital Standards Subcommittees
  3. supervise a surgical and medical review subcommittee of Standards Committee
  4. supervise the Maternal and Perinatal Health Standards Subcommittee
  5. supervise the Child Health Standards Subcommittee
  6. Administer By-Law 3D of the College

The Standards Committee has the authority to:

  1. establish and administer programs, panels, and committees to oversee the practice of quality medicine.
  2. annually ratify members of all subcommittees, programs and panels under the auspices of the Standards Committee, including any changes to membership between the annual submissions.

Evidence Act Protection
The CPSM Standards Committee operates within s. 38 of The Medical Act and By-Law No. 6 of the College.  Pursuant to Regulation 461/88, the Standards Committee is specifically identified as an approved Committee for the purposes of s. 9 of The Evidence Act.

Appeal Rights

Pursuant to Article 9.7(b) of By-Law No. 1, decisions of Standards Committees are for the purpose of education, and are not subject to a right of appeal.

Pursuant to By-Law 3D, Article 12, a right of appeal from decisions made under the authority of that By-Law may be made to the Executive Committee.

Committee Composition:

Standards Committee shall consist of:

  • the ex-officio members (the President, the President Elect and, as a non-voting member, the Registrar)
  • at least 5 persons registered on either the Manitoba Medical Register or the Clinical Assistant Register, Part 1
  • representatives of other health care disciplines as Council may authorize annually,
  • public representatives as Council may authorize annually, and
  • a designate of the Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education of the Faculty.