Nominating Committee Terms of Reference

1.  Purpose/Product

1.1 A slate of two nominees for the post of President-Elect by no later than November 15 in each year.
1.2 At least 14 days before the date of each annual meeting of the Council, a list of nominees for officers of the College (excluding Registrar and Treasurer), members of Council Committees (excluding those members of committees who are Public Representatives serving a three-year term appointment), chairs of the Council Committees, and the Councillor appointed pursuant to s.44(1)(a) of The Medical Act.

2.  Authority

2.1 The committee has no authority to change Council policies or Bylaws.
2.2 The committee has no authority to spend or commit organization funds.
2.3 The committee has authority to use staff resource time normal for administrative support around meetings.
2.4 The committee has authority to use staff resource time to interview prospective nominees

 3.  Composition 

3.1 The Committee shall consist of the President, the President-Elect, and the Past President (even if the Past President is no longer on Council) until the appointment of the new President-Elect, who shall then replace the Past President.
3.2 The President of the Council shall serve as Committee Chairman.

4.  Term of Office 

4.1 Members shall be appointed for a one year term.