Pursuant to The Medical Act the Council of the College has authority to make certain Regulations, with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.  Regulations provide more detailed information regarding areas of responsibility described in The Medical Act.

The following regulations establish what are acceptable qualifications for registration on the Manitoba Medical Register, Educational Register, Clinical Assistant Register, Physician Assistant Register, and Specialist Register. For a detailed discussion of these requirements, go to Registration on this website.

Regulation 25/2003.pdf  Registration Of Medical Practitioners Regulation

Regulation 183/99.pdf Clinical Assistants Regulation

The following regulation applies to Physician Profiles:

Regulation 104/2005.pdf – Physician Profile Regulation

The following regulation allows for transplant surgeons who are not registered in Manitoba to participate in the removal of tissue and organs for transplant purposes.

Regulation 42/87 – Transplants of Organs and Tissues Regulation